Teaser Compilation – Secret Summer Project

Ok guys, for today’s post, I will just be compiling all the little hints about our secret summer project, along with the guesses. I won’t be revealing this just yet, but I will next time! This post is meant to hype you guys up, so try to guess if you can! Any correct guesses will get a shoutout in the announcement post!

Clue #1

This was a very small clue that I dropped back in February. In this post, I mentioned that a very popular doll blog has done it over the summer.

So far, the guesses for that have been, a photoseries, stop-motion, or a summer camp.

Clue #2

In the very first Teaser Tuesday, Cloud revealed that this had something to do with “swim, art, fun, themes, food, vacation, and holiday.

The guesses for that have been: an avocado, or the BFF wars.

Clue #3

In the next Teaser Tuesday, Cali revealed five images. Here they are.

The guesses so far have been something to do with crafts.

Clue #4

My final clue was in my last post. One of the things I bought has something to do with my secret summer project.

So guys? Any more ideas? Do you think any of the guesses are already correct? What do you think the secret summer project is? And, are you excited for it?

9 thoughts on “Teaser Compilation – Secret Summer Project”

  1. *Takes exactly 25 minutes to edit a five paragraph comment.*
    The words that are standing out to me right now are “Art”, “Themes” and “Dolls”. I’m getting “Around the world” and “camp” vibes.
    A lot of small doll thing.
    Does it have to do with summer pictures according to a theme?
    Is it a competition? Or no.

    I’m having fun guessing, but I have no idea. ;p

    -Liberty ❤️


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