Registration Forms/Welcome Letters Printables – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Welcome to the first day of Camp Happy Heart! I hope we all have a great year this year, but it’s time for campers to fill out their forms! The Stone kids had fun filling out their forms, maybe your animals/dolls will too!

Cali and Claire were late to registration because they lingered behind chatting.

Cali loved filling out her form.

Cali got her counselors letter as soon as she handed in her form! She can’t wait for camp!

If you would like to complete this craft, simply print out the printables below and fill in the blanks. They are just for fun and do not need to be submitted in order to participate in camp.

If you need to print an individual form, you can click on the image and size it to 2.37 x 1.78. You can size it up a little if you wish as well.

I hope you and your campers had a great time filling out their forms! This is only the start of a fun summer of crafts and stories!

Remember, if you made this craft, you can email a photo to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com. Email requirements can be found on the Camp Happy Heart page.

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