Orientation Day – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Today was orientation day at Camp Happy Heart.

Before we get into the rules of camp, there was going to be a post on how to make camp signs today, but I found this at A.C. Moore.

This was $1, and all I did was paint the base.

Since it’s a chalkboard, I can write whatever I want on it.

I seem to remember this picture looking better, but here’s a map of camp!

Here’s the schedule:

8 a.m. Breakfast in the main hall

9 Morning Announcements

9:15 Outdoor Play

10 Craft in main hall

11 Lunch & Daily chores

12 p.m. Daily Event

2 Free time

5 Journaling & Letters home

6 Movie, Campfire, or other

8 Quiet time/get ready for bed

9 Lights out

Camp Rules

1. Use the buddy system

2. Make sure a counselor knows where you are at all times

3. Attend morning announcements

4. Only swim during free time

5. All must be quiet and dark by 9 p.m.

6. Help out with chores

7. Go to Main Hall if emergency is called

8. Always have adult supervision by the fire

9. Have fun!

That’s the orientation for camp Happy Heart! We hope you all enjoy!

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