DIY Journal – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey guys! So I was going to do something a bit more today, but I suppose this will do. Instead of coming up with a new journal tutorial, I’m just going to use a post from last year. THIS post teaches you guys how to make a journal, so you can start with this and then adapt it to your tastes.

Cali’s Journal entry – June 3rd, 2019

We made journals today! It was really fun. I hung out with Claire the whole time, but my counselor Starburst(I get to call her Starburst during camp instead of Aunt Starburst like I usually would!) told me that I should try to hang out with people I wouldn’t normally hang out with. Since there wasn’t anything special going on today, we had cabin time after lunch. We played get to know you games and I learned that Petal likes the same movies I do. Maybe we do have some things in common. I still wish that I was in a different cabin, but maybe it will end up okay. The counselors have been sharing the importance of journaling today, so I think we will end up writing a journal entry for every day of camp. It might be fun, but I normally don’t like sitting too just write down stuff about my day. Anyway, yeah! I like camp so far and I can’t wait to do more fun stuff!

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