DIY Nametags – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey guys! For today’s camp related post, I have two different ways for you guys to make nametags! It’s important that your campers get to know each other, right?

Start out by cutting a piece of paper to size. Because sizes vary, I won’t be giving out any measurements, it just depends on your camper.

It’s very simple to make this sort of nametag, all you really need to do is write down your camper’s name!

When you’re finished writing the name, stick a little tape on the back,

And stick it onto your camper’s shirt! 

For the second nametag, it’s a little bit more complicated. Start by cutting a length of tape that will go around your camper’s neck. 

You’ll need two pieces this length, they can be different or the same.

Tape the edges of these pieces of tape around the plain nametag. Stick the two pieces of tape back to back, and right before the end, stick the nametag in between the two tapes. I recommend using washi tape, because it is easy to use.

Now, your campers have no question on who’s who!

I hope you guys enjoyed this craft, and if you make it, be sure to email me a picture to be featured at the end of camp! Email requirements can be found HERE!


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