DIY Stationary – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey guys! It’s me Cloud, reporting from the Super Adventurer’s cabin!

Ok, so before you say anything, yes, our cabin is a bit of a mess. Rudy is by far the sloppiest, which is why he is currently out working on camp chores alone.

Anyway, today I will be showing you guys how to make some stationary!

First, you need some paper.

The measurements are different, but we use 3×2 paper.

All you really have to do is write a letter. I wrote to Daddy, since he is the only one not at camp.

Diamond is going to help show you guys how to make an envelope.

I don’t really have any measurements, but basically you need something a bit bigger than your paper.

Fold in the sides.

Trim the top in the shape of a triangle,

And fold up the bottom.

Simply tape the top flap down, and you’re good!

I  even got to address my own envelope!

For a postcard, just cut out a small part of scrapbook paper.

Then write on the back! It’s really simple to let everyone know how much fun you’re having at camp!

I hope you guys enjoyed this craft, and if you make it, be sure to email me a picture to be featured at the end of camp! Email requirements can be found HERE!

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