Pool Party – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Candy and Cali like to sunbathe!
Cloud and Mischief don’t waste a second – they entered the water the second they got to the pool party!
And Cherie and Swirl? They just like to play in the sand.
Uh-Oh! It looks like the boys have a mischievous idea.
Cloud is splashing someone! Oh no!
The water hit Candy. Oh no, she won’t like that.
The boys look…intimidated.
Swirl decided to start surfing.
Finally, everyone just decided to get in the water.
Well, almost everyone.
Swirl dragged Candy into the water. Candy wasn’t too happy about it.
Group picture!

I hope you guys enjoyed this photoshoot! Remember, if you have any camp related pics, feel free to send them in to be featured!

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