The Three Bears – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hello friends! It’s the first day of Happily Ever After(fairytale week). I’m really excited for this week and I hope you guys are too! I had a lot of fun making this photostory, so I hope y’all enjoy!

It was a lovely day in the household of the three bears.

Mommy Bear was the first to wake up. She began to make breakfast as soon as she woke up. Mommy Bear was very motherly.

Aren’t you going to make porridge for everyone Mommy Bear?

“Ewww, no! We don’t like porridge. We eat normal food just like you guys.”

Baby Bear woke up soon after Mommy Bear started breakfast. He leaped out of bed, filled with energy.

Daddy Bear was usually the last to awake. However, today Baby Bear had other plans. He yanked on Daddy Bear’s leg. “Daddy! Daddy!” he shouted. “Let’s all go on a walk! It’s so pretty outside today!”

After some grumbling, Daddy Bear climbed out of bed and agreed to go on a walk.

“Our food won’t spoil, so we can go on a walk before we eat. We’ll burn more calories that way!” Mommy Bear explained. She liked to eat healthy and exercise often.

The three bears headed off in the woods for a walk. It was a lovely day, and the crisp morning air felt refreshing.

Also on a walk, GoldieSwirl wandered by the home of the three bears. She didn’t typically break in to people’s house, but she was starving! She lived in the woods, and she couldn’t remember the last time she’d eaten.

When she saw the food, she just couldn’t help herself. Her stomach growled and hunger took over. She decided to eat a little bit of their food.

She began to decide what she wanted to drink. She took a sip of each option, but eventually decided on the Pepsi.

Next, was food. She took a bite of each thing. “Tuna? This early? Ew! Fruit? Too healthy. But this cupcake? It’s delicious!”

GoldieSwirl decided upon the cupcake and devoured the whole thing.


“I’m a little tired. Maybe I’ll just take a short nap. There are plenty of beds to choose from.”

“Hm…This Camo print is far too boring.”

“This bedding is too pink.”

“Ah,” GoldieSwirl yawned as she sprawled out upon the red gingham blanked. “This bed is so soft! I think I’ll sleep for a little while.”

Not too long later, the three bears returned.

The food had been ravaged!

“My milk had a sip taken out of it,” Daddy Bear sighed.

“My water has a little bit missing too!” Mommy Bear complained.

“Mine is all gone!” Baby Bear whined.

“Some of my tuna’s been eaten,” Daddy Bear growled.

“My fruit has a bite taken out of it!” Mommy Bear shrieked.

“My food is all gone!” Baby Bear cried.

Visibly upset, Daddy Bear noticed that someone had slept in his bed.

“My bed’s been rumpled too!” Mommy Bear cried.

“THERE’S SOMEONE SLEEPING IN MY BED!” Baby Bear yelled at the top of his lungs.

GoldieSwirl hurried out of bed. Daddy Bear grabbed her before she could leave the house.

“What are you doing in my house little girl?” he boomed.

“Um, I,” she squeaked.

“Out with it girl,” Daddy Bear said firmly.

“I live in the forest and I just got so tired of sleeping on the ground and having nothing to eat,” GoldieSwirl sighed.

Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear glanced at each other. “Well, we do have two beds,” Mommy Bear reasoned.

“Okay. You can stay here.” Daddy Bear announced.

“Thank you so much!” GoldieSwirl showed her gratitude.

So, the three bears(and GoldieSwirl) lived happily ever after.

9 thoughts on “The Three Bears – Camp Happy Heart 2019

  1. Well, I loved the story, and the cupcake reminded me of the ten cookies 🍪🍪🍪(that made me sick) that I just ate, but, I couldn’t see any photos. 😦
    -Liberty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I see the pictures now! I love the angles!
            I listen to “I see the light” all the time! (It’s apart of my daily school playlist.😜) (and as you probably know ….. My favorite Disney princess (not really a princess) is Moana!🐚!🐚!🐚!
            -Liberty ❤

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Awesome! Yeah, I did know that. And I guess it just depends on who you’re talking to on whether she’s a princess or not. Should I have asked “Who’s your favorite strong Disney female lead?”😂


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