Our Summer Playlist – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey guys! As the first day of Battle of the Bear Band Week, today we had a dance party with all the campers! I(Summer) was in charge of the music. Since quite a few of the campers made requests for songs, I decided to share each of their favorite songs with you!

Chip: I actually don’t like a lot of music. I prefer music with no words.

Cloud: Come a Little Bit Closer! It is in one of the very best scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rudy: Best Day of my Life.

Mischief: You’ve got a Friend in Me.

Cali: Shake it Off!

Petal: Rather Be.

Gracie: Clarity.

Sandy: Getaway Car.

Swirl: When Will my Life Begin

Cherie: Set it All Free

Sparkles: Never Really Over

Claire: Alien

Cherry: Summer

Candy: Wake me Up

I also made a playlist of these songs! Please enjoy!

P.S. Most of these songs are clean, but Shake it Off does have a couple swear words if that offends you.

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