DIY Guitar – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey guys! At the request of Untitledollover we have a guitar tutorial for you all!

Firstly, I traced my guitar onto the patterned paper I would like to use. (I have a template that I made in case you guys don’t have a guitar)

Next, I traced my paper onto a piece of cardboard.(Ignore the hole in the middle, I was experimenting)

Next, you’ll need to add a strip of cardboard and the end.(I really don’t know what these are called. The neck of the guitar maybe?) I included a template for the back, but the neck I didn’t because I made mine shorter than I would for an AG doll. Make it the right length for your camper.

OK, now glue on your paper. It’s pretty simple after that. All you need to do is draw on details!

Ta-da! Cali loves her new guitar!

It looks a little sloppy, but I guess it’ll do. I really like the pattern. Remember, if you do make this, be sure to send pictures to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com!

Here’s the template:

P.S. The template is a bit sloppy because it’s the first one I’ve ever made. I apologize for that.

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