DIY Clothes from a Sock – Camp Happy Heart 2019

It looks like Cherry likes socks. Well, so do I, and I’m going to be showing you why in this post.

In our house, there seem to be a lot of socks that don’t have a match. If I see one that I know doesn’t have a mate, I usually put it with my Build a Bear clothes so I can make it into some clothes later! I like using socks because you can get a lot of pieces from socks.

First, I’m going to use this sock which has been too small for me for many years.

The first thing I do is trim the decorative edge off the sock.

This will make a nice headband.

I like the design of this sock, so I’m going to cut it off to make a Valentine’s Day nightgown. I just need to cut it long enough.

Then, just cut two little slits at the top like so.


There was about half the length of the nightgown left over, so I did the same thing and it bacame a shirt.

This sock was a little interesting, so I had to figure out if I could do something with the toes.

Apparently I can! They make great mittens for Cherry, and the excess makes a nice belt.

1 sock, 6 pieces. Want to see what we can do with the next sock?

This one has five pieces. A hat, dress, skirt, sweater, and pants. Most of these are pretty simple to make, but the pants do involve some sewing, so I’m going to show you how I made mine.

Cut a portion of the sock long enough to be a skirt.

Cut a slit between the legs. The remaining fabric should be wide enough to wrap around your bear’s leg.

Make it to where the edges meet, turn inside out, and sew along the edges.

It should look something like this.

There we go! Doesn’t that look nice? You can make a lot from a sock.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Remember to send pictures if you made this craft to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com to be featured!


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