70’s Photoshoot – Camp Happy Heart 2019

To be completely honest, I’ve kind of been putting this week off. I do think it will be a fun week for y’all though! I have a challenge at the end of this post, so make sure to enter! It’s a little easier than the last challenge so I’m hoping maybe more people will enter. Anyway, welcome to Blast from the Past! Today I have a 70’s themed photoshoot of Swirl.

I tried to make her outfit look kind of 70’s-ish, but my main focus was the props.

I made this walkie-talkie once for my AG doll Julie. I don’t remember how I made it, or why I only made one, but I think it looks cool.

These glasses definitely give a 70’s vibe.

Swirl likes this paddleball!

I actually found this really cheap at Party City once.

I don’t think Swirl quite realizes how records work…

I got this record for Julie as well. In fact, I believe all of these props were originally for Julie. XD.

Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed! For the challenge, all you have to do is email a photo of your camper celebrating their favorite decade(i.e. 50’s, 70’s, 80’s) The more accurate your photo is, the higher chance you have of winning . You can use a doll or stuffed animal. I will make a graphic for the winner and I will share everyone’s photo on my blog. My email is worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com. (But c’mon, y’all are probably sick of me saying that at the end of every post by now)

Have fun with the challenge!

14 thoughts on “70’s Photoshoot – Camp Happy Heart 2019

    1. Ok! I’m excited to see your entry. Here’s a tip-maybe ask a parent of grandparent who’s lived through the decade of your choice. They might have some memorabilia or something.

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    1. *facepalm* I forgot to mention that. Let’s say, July 31st?
      P.S. Since my comments haven’t going through on your blog when I use my phone, I’m just going to say this real quick: Black Widow movie will be on May 1st, 2020, and we will be getting a Scarlet Witch series! I believe it will be fall or summer 2021, but Marvel released a whole lot of information about their movies on Saturday. Also, Scarlet Witch will be in Doctor Strange 2. And, a Loki series, Hawkeye series, What if…series, and a falcon/winter soldier series. It should be interesting.


  1. Ok cool. I’ll have it done before then.
    PS: Oh my gosh, that all sounds so exciting! I can hardly wait.
    PPS: Huh. That’s really weird. I’ll check my blogs and see if there’s something I can do so your comments will actually go through.

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