Camp Predicament – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey guys! You guys are in for a special treat today, because my friend Liberty won the Scavenger Hunt Challenge! This means she wrote today’s post! (I don’t know why I was so uninspired for adventure week, but it will get better these last weeks of camp!) Anyway, if you haven’t been to either of her blogs, Liberty, or Freedom Child, go check them out!

Hi! It’s me, Bamboo! A while ago my friends and I got in a little – predicament. You see, well, this is what happened.


“I can’t believe it!” I murmured, “How did we get stuck here?”


You see, The other campers and I – were stuck – in the middle of some woods. We’ve been walking, (probably in circles) for who knows how long. We were supposed to go tubing, but, you see where we are now. “We’re never going to get out!” Cried Pancake.


“Okay!” Called Counselor Waffle. Everyone needs to stay behind me.


“I don’t even remember how we got here.” Pancake said just loud enough for Who to hear.

“Oh!” Who called from behind him. “I’ll remind you of what happened.


“It all started when we were all getting in to the camp bus. I was super excited to go tubing, because I had never done it before. I had told Ilyta to go use the bathroom before we left, but she wasn’t listening to me.” Who Explained.


“So we got all cuddly inside the bus, and went on.” Who went on.


“We were half an hour away, and no were near a bathroom, when Ilyta called


‘I have to use the bathroom’.”


“So we had to pull over so she could go on the side.”


“However, out of nowhere, we some how hit a rock.”


“Started swerving -”


“and now where in the middle of nowhere.” Who finally finished.


“Hey, hey, hey!” Ilyta walked up. “That is not what happened.

“I was softly murmuring to myself that I had to use the bathroom, I didn’t say it out loud. Ilyta Explained.


“When out of now where Bamboo started screaming. She sounded like she was in pain –


so we had to pull over. Then we hit the rock, and that’s how we ended up here.


“Wait, wait, what!” I entered the conversation.

“I was not screaming, Who and I were just laughing.” I exclaimed.


“The reason we pulled over is because Pancake spilled a whole bag of marbles, even though we were told not to bring anything, and it was to dangerous to keep driving.” I screamed.


Suddenly, everyone began to yell.


“Hey, hey!” Waffle shouted. “What’s going on here?”


After we told Him What was going on, he explained to us what really happened.

“We pulled over because there was something wrong with the engine. It wasn’t any of your faults.

“Now come on guys. Stop fighting. We love each other.



“Sorry!” We all hugged.




“Wait guys,” Pancake stopped. “What’s that noise?”

“It’s coming from over there!” Ilyta shouted.


We looked over a wall of leaves, which was really just a fence covered in vines, and found the river! The river we were supposed to be tubing in was right there the whole time!


“We’re here guys!” Celebrated Waffle.

After some walking we made it to the entrance!


We were so excited to start, and we we’re happy to all be together.




There was a thumb in this picture.


Has you can see, all the props for this post are in the background. I have no idea how I didn’t see those until I was writing this post, and it was too late.



I look like I have baby hands, but I was really hot so I had this.


My Props basket.


The dolls and I got really wet, because it just rained.


3 thoughts on “Camp Predicament – Camp Happy Heart 2019

  1. Okay, *sighs of relief* at first I though I couldn’t see the photos, but then I went to the actual site, and there here. 😌 but

    Thanks, I’m so happy, and very ridiculous. There were like five other picture’s with my thumb in it.😁😄😛
    -Liberty ❤

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