Summer’s Birthday Surprise and Photoshoot – Camp Happy Heart 2019

“Hey guys! We’re the Cheerful Ladybugs, and we’re interrupting the usual schedule for Sports Week for a very special post!” Sandy welcomed.

“Firstly, I want to say how glad I am to be a part of the Cheerful Ladybugs cabin! I’ve made some great friends and had a lot of fun. And…my counslor is super awesome, and today is her birthday! We all dressed up so that we can throw her a party when she gets here to pick us up for the daily event!” Cherie noted.

“We’re really excited to see her reaction,” Swirl announced, right before they heard Summer knock on the door. Everyone quickly quieted down.

“Ok guys, time to-” Summer began, but abruptly stopped as she saw their sign.

“Oh! Did you guys do all this for me?” Summer asked, shocked.

The group took a photo together.

Now, here’s a mini photoshoot of Summer, along with some various photos of her during camp.

Tucking the kids in on the first night of camp
Sipping chocolate milk during the Food Festival
Dressing up like a princess during Happily Ever After
Being Patriotic on July 4th
Having fun during Battle of the Bear Bands
Trying on a pair of groovy glasses during Blast from the Past
Casting a wizardly spell during Out of this World week
Chilling on the beach during Surf’s Up week
Finally, a picture to start off Sports week
Eating a cupcake for her birthday

I’m so glad I got Summer. She’s such a pretty Build a Bear to have, and I probably use her a lot more then most of my other Build a Bears(aside from the smaller ones, i.e. the Stones) It’s been a great five years, hasn’t it Summer?

Make sure to wish Summer a happy birthday, and don’t worry, Astonishing Athletics(sports week) will be coming up tomorrow!

P.S. I actually took all of those photos back to back. I tried to make them look a little different though, do they look okay?

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