Sports Tournament – Camp Happy Heart 2019

When I think of sports, I usually think of competitiveness. So, what better time to do a competition? I know I literally just did a competition last week, but I wanted to get one more in before Camp is over. Don’t worry, there’s a little bit more time to enter this one! All you have to do is enter before the 30th(the last day of camp) Not a whole lot of time, but this challenge should be a bit easier than the last.

What you win:

I want you guys to get something you actually want here, so I’ll let you guys choose between:

  • A guest post that I will write on your blog
  • You can write a guest post on my blog
  • I can make a featured image for one of your upcoming posts
  • I can make you a header for your blog
  • Or, you can be a part of a surprise that I mentioned earlier(I’ve already recruited a few people for this, so if you’re one of them, you can just pick something else)

How to enter:

All you do is send in a picture of your camper playing a sport. The picture can be as simple of detailed as you like, but there needs to be at least one sports related prop(i.e. football, baseball hat, running shoes, etc) You need to send this to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

How to get extra entries:

Here’s the interesting part, you can get extra entries by sending more pictures! Now, these can’t be of the same sport as before. (like, if you sent in a picture of your camper playing football, I won’t count another football related picture as an extra entry) So, you can send a picture of your camper playing basketball for example. You can send your main photo in and then your bonus entries, or you can send them all at once. Each photo will get you one bonus entry.

Also, reblog this post, or mention this post on your blog! You’ll have to let me know, because I might not see the post in time otherwise. This will get you one extra entry.

Extra entries would increase your chance at winning. For example let’s say 5 people enter. Each person has a 20% chance of winning. If one person send in 5 extra entries, that person now has a 50% chance of winning. So if you want to win, it would be beneficial to do some extra entries. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.


The picture has to be of your camper(I will only accept a doll or stuffed animal as a camper fyi.)

You need to send the picture by 12 p.m. on August 30th. Camp ends that day, and I’d like to share these photos entered in as a part of the reader photos. If you send an entry later than then, it won’t count.

And, that’s about it! Have fun entering!

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