Favorite Sports – Camp Happy Heart 2019

For the daily event today, the campers discussed their favorite sports. Do you want to know what they chose?

  1. Claire – I really like to dance! I know some people don’t consider dancing a sport, but as someone who takes a dance class, I can guarantee it is!
  2. Candy – I also take a dance class, but I think my favorite sport is ice skating.
  3. Cherry – Anything where I can run! Soccer is probably my favorite though,
  4. Chip – I really like just taking nature hikes, but football would be my favorite sport.
  5. Mischief – I like soccer.
  6. Cloud – Basketball is really fun to play and watch.
  7. Rudy – Being so little, it’s hard to find a team sport, so I like track!
  8. Cali – Dancing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, everything really.
  9. Petal – I’m not really a sporty person, but I guess tennis is pretty fun.
  10. Gracie – I don’t really do sports either, but I do like to watch basketball.
  11. Sandy – Again, I’m not sporty(I get along well with Petal and Gracie,) but riding a bike is a nice workout.
  12. Sparkles – I like to take dance.
  13. Swirl – I’m kind of in the same boat as Cherry and Cali. I have a lot of energy all the time, and most sports are really fun, so I can’t really pick a favorite!
  14. Cherie – I like to do volleyball. Sadly, usually no one else wants to play with me. *glares specifically at Cherry)

Ok, so that’s what their favorite sports are, so what’s yours?

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