Swirl’s Hotel Photoshoot

Hello friends! As you can probably guess from the title, I’m gong to be sharing some photos of Swirl that I took at the hotel. Let’s get started, okay? I first had to figure out what to do about the lighting in the hotel room, because it was a little off. Swirl loved the hotel,… Continue reading Swirl’s Hotel Photoshoot

Swirl’s Car Photoshoot – Universal September 2019

Hey guys! I recently had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios in Orlando with my family and I had a blast! I’m really glad I got the chance to go. Anyway, I brought Swirl with me and I took a ton of photos. I think she had fun too. Today, I’m going to share… Continue reading Swirl’s Car Photoshoot – Universal September 2019

What I Learned From Camp Happy Heart + Q&A Answers

Unless you're new to this blog, (in which case, hi! I hope you like it!) you're familiar with Camp Happy Heart, an extravagent summer project of mine. My original goal was to post every day from June 1st - August 30th. Well, obviously that didn't happen. But what else was planned for Camp and didn't… Continue reading What I Learned From Camp Happy Heart + Q&A Answers


Hey guys! Remember how I've been hinting at a surprise for a little while? Well, today is when I will be revealing it. I've been pretty sketchy with the details, so I didn't expect any of you to guess what it is. The surprise is... I'm starting another blog! Don't worry, I plan on sticking… Continue reading Suprise…

Back to School Portraits

It’s that time of year again, back to school! I know most everyone is back in school already, but I wanted to post this after Camp, so here it is! Back to school pictures! There ended up being a lot, so buckle up! Last year I did school portraits as part of BAB Takeover week(which… Continue reading Back to School Portraits

Behind the Scenes of Camp Happy Heart + Important Announcements

Hey guys! Now that Camp Happy Heart is officially over, I thought you guys might like to see some behind the scene pictures! Also, even if you don’t care for the behind the scenes, please skip to the end. I have some important announcements! Here’s the cabin setup! It was really difficult for me to… Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Camp Happy Heart + Important Announcements