Hey guys! Remember how I’ve been hinting at a surprise for a little while? Well, today is when I will be revealing it. I’ve been pretty sketchy with the details, so I didn’t expect any of you to guess what it is. The surprise is…

I’m starting another blog!

Don’t worry, I plan on sticking around here til next summer in the very least. (hopefully much longer though!) This new blog will be a personal blog, where I can post about anything I want. Chances are there will be a lot of content related to Marvel, music, traveling, writing, photography, dogs, journaling, and more. I’m really excited.

Oh, and the reason I’m releasing it today? It’s September 12th.

Go visit I Have 12% of a Plan to find out more! And yes, there will be a blog tour, you can find the details over there.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

This is kind of unplanned for, because I literally just thought to add it as part of my blog, but does anyone remember the BAB Club that I was going to start? I’m going to send out a monthly newsletter to the club members! Now, I want this to be somewhat exclusive club, so I’m only going to let the first five people who say their interested join. (all you have to do is comment using your email address, but you don’t have to include that as part of the comment) (Also, Rebekah, you already have a spot!) There will likely be more opportunities to join in the future, but it will be small in the beginning.

What this newsletter will include: BAB of the month, a flexible schedule of posts for that month, a general run down of events, sneak peaks, and more! The first newsletter will be sent out on October 1st! I hope you guys are excited!

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