Interview with Sparkles (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2019)

Breaker breaker, can you hear me?

Hey guys, Wicket the MAN here.

I watched Stranger Things this summer and they had CB radios. Do you know what those are? It reminded me of a time long, long ago, when life was much simpler and people wanted to play on radios. Now people have much more advanced technology. Still playing on things though.

Anywho, I liked Stranger Things. It was straaannnngeeeeee.

Well duh. But I can’t talk about that right now, because I forgot I’m supposed to interview someone.

EWWW! This dog just licked me!

Sorry for getting side-tracked, but his breath stinks. Sorry, I have random topics going through my head. Anyway, back to the topic at hand…


Oh, sorry. I fell asleep. That isn’t the topic.

Without further ado…

Let me introduce to you my interviewee:


(My questions will be in bold, while Sparkles will be in italics)

So what’s your name? Wait, I did just introduce you, didn’t I. Who are you again?

Um, what? You just said so, like 3 times now.

Who your mama?

Why did I agree to this? I’m already regretting it. Oh yeah, Mischief and Cloud were fighting over who would interview with you and I tried to keep the peace. Oh boy. My mother Bella.

People fought over me? They love me so much that they were fighting over me? Well, I always knew I was special.

Um, well, you see, they were kinda, uh, fighting because neither of them wanted to do the interview.

Well that sucks. Hm. Moving right along, are you at least happy to be here?

I plead the 5th.

Well, I’ll keep this short to be as painless as possible. I think you’re a pretty awesome little bear, and because you haven’t been on the blog much, I thought I would spotlight you. I like your brightness.

Sorry Wicket…Now I feel pretty crummy. Although, interviews do usually have more questions.

Oh no sweet thing, don’t feel crummy! I started off in a silly mood and I didn’t mean to upset anyone. I meant what I said about you. Now, let me ask some more questions.

What’s your favorite book?

I mean, I know there are some really great books out there, but I have to go with the Scriptures.

Well, that’s the greatest story ever told! Great! So how do you like your new home?

Overall I really like my family(immediate and extended). However, Mischief is not a very nice brother. One time, he put bugs in my food!

Did you eat the bugs?

Eww no! What are you, Gummy Bear?(Gummy is Diamond’s Dad)

No, but I like that Gummy Bear. Well, this has been an interesting interview, but I’m going to have to cut it off. Can I invite you back again sometime?

For you Uncle Wicket? Sure.

Thank you very much Sparky Sparkles! Thanks for tuning in to Wicket Wednesday. Until next time, over and out!

3 thoughts on “Interview with Sparkles (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2019)

    1. Sparkles here – I’ll have to tell Wicket! And I don’t really know about Stranger Things because I’ve never seen it. Diamond’s only seen one episode(it just didn’t really pique her interest)

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