BFF Halloween Costume Ideas (Friendship Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2019)

Heyzies friends! It’s me, Summer, and I’m here with my very best friend, Dreamy! We used to do Friendship Fridays over here all the time before Camp Happy Heart got started. I had a blast being a counselor for camp, but I did miss Dreamy. I’m glad to be back and working with Dreamy.

Yeah, what Summer said. I’m definitely glad to back our old posting schedule. *yawns* Time for a cat nap.

Uh! Dreamy? We were supposed to do this together!

*yawns* Okay, I’ll take my cat nap later.

Anyway, today we will be sharing some BFF Halloween Costume Ideas. We hope you enjoy!

(BTW, these pictures are just from Pinterest. We didn’t take them.)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume | We Can Make That

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Here’s an easy one, one of you can dress in tan, and the other in purple! Ta-da!

The How-To: Salt and Pepper Shakers

2. Salt and Pepper

Here’s another simple one, salt and pepper! One of you can wear black, and the other white. It’s that simple!

In my poster, Id like to include the main characters; Woody and Buzz. I could use the quick select to copy them out of this image to use on my own poster.

3. Your Favorite Pair of BFFs

Just pick a pair of BFFs and dress up as them. Or, anything from the same movie/tv show/book works too.

Who doesn't love M&M's?! This easy DIY Halloween costume requires no sewing and is easy to put together. Super cute for a toddler kid costume or adapt to any size or color. Includes a pattern for the pieces! #Halloween #halloweencostume #diy #kids

4. M&Ms

This one should be pretty simple. I think it’s pretty cute too!

5. Ketchup and Mustard

This one kind of goes with the salt and pepper and PB&J, but it’s still a cute idea!

Halloween DIY: Thing 1   To print for Traci and I for Dress like a Seuss Character Day

6. Things 1&2

It’s pretty simple to dress up as Thing 1 & 2. The best part is that you can add more people too!

We hope you guys enjoyed! Do you have any more BFF costume ideas?

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