Swirl’s Trip to Universal pt. 2

Hello friends! Today, I’m going to break the schedule to post the second part of our Universal trip! I was just going to post it all in one place, but there just ended up being way too many pictures.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the rest of posts about our trip!

Thursday, September 19th, Day 6

Today, we got up and walked over to Universal Studios. We rode Race through New York and Fast and Furious before taking the train to Islands of the Adventure. We rode the Forbidden Journey again.

We went to this breakfast cafe.

It was actually pretty good.

After that, we went straight for the pool. We headed back to Universal Studios to ride Men in Black. Then, we went to Islands of Adventure to shop. We pretty much headed back after that.

Friday, September 20th, Day 7

We had to leave on this day, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t go to the parks for a bit first!

We took the boat over to Universal Studios.

Do you see how I carried Swirl around?
Excuse my mom’s hand

Swirl took a lot of selfies…

After we got to Universal, we headed to the Minion’s ride.

We rode Escape from Gringotts.

Then, we rode the train over to Islands.

Swirl tried to figure out some different ways to carry her.

XD My mom was holding Swirl up for a pic, and then she moved her hand quickly. That resulted in this masterpiece XD.

Swirl was glad to ride the train.

Swirl got to mail her postcard!

They had this really cool Hogsmeade postmark!

We went back to Bahama Breeze for lunch before we left. I wish they could build one where we live. *sighs*

Swirl was sad to leave Universal, but she had a blast while she was there.


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