The Struggles of Stuffed Animal Blogging

Hello friends! Today I have a bit of a rant for you, but I’ve been feeling like doing something like this for a while. Before reading this, I recommend reading this, this, this, and especially this.

Also, this is in no means trying to complain about stuffie blogging, I’m just sharing some of the struggles that I face while blogging about stuffies.

Lack of Community

Here’s the big one guys, community. With AG blogging or personal blogging, there’s a huge blogging community. I mean, I got 25 followers in less than a week on IH12OP, while it took me about 2 years to do that over here. Something doesn’t add up…

Don’t get me wrong though guys, I do have some loyal followers!

Also, it would be really nice to read other stuffed animal posts. Just saying.

Size differences

Ok, so like, I have Build a Bears that are 2″ tall, and 20″ tall. How do I make that work?

Taking pictures in public

This is something that also is a problem for AG bloggers. It can be considered weird to carry around a toy and take pictures of it in public. Plus, what if you loose something?

Lack of Clothes

Okay, so this isn’t a huge problem. However, Build a Bear sells, like, 2 outfits in the Stone’s sizes. I own like, every outfit ever made in their size, because there are so few. Most of their clothing is handmade. On the plus side, my bank account thanks me!

Picking Animals to feature

I have a lot of stuffed animals. I’d like to do something to feature them all, but that just isn’t likely. So, I usually just stick to the Stones.


I really want to do a photo series on here(and I will someday guys.), but it just seems really hard!

Do the animals wear clothes or not?

That’s another thing! They’re bears, do they really need to wear clothes? I mean really? But then, I have cute clothes for them and I like to dress them up!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little rant about the struggles of stuffed animal blogging! What do you struggle with with blogging?

9 thoughts on “The Struggles of Stuffed Animal Blogging

  1. Hmm. I don’t do stuffed animal blogging but I do blog about other types of dolls other than just AG which isn’t quite as rare but still….. I can relate to the ‘lack of community one’.

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