Build a Bears Furever 2nd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Hello friends! Today, I have a very special post for you all! In honor of Halloween, we have our 2nd Annual Halloween Fashion Show. This one won’t be quite as long as last year’s, but I really like the setting and costumes!

See? Isn’t that setting adorable?

First up, we have Brownie dressed up as Anna from Frozen! This makes me want it to be winter – and to see Frozen II.

Next up, we have Starburst and Swirl, dressed up as Mrs. Claus! Oh, this makes me ready for Christmas! (but, not quite yet…)

Lil Choc dressed up as…Captain America! I know the shield is a bit off, but he’s a busy guy, so give him a break okay?

Bella the chef.

One of my favorite costumes I have ever made is this surfer outfit Cokie is wearing.

This busy mom of seven pulls off an amazing Doctor costume.

Pumpkin dazzles us with her Ladybug costume.

And of course, we could never forget our dear Treasure, who is dressed as a superhero!

“Ahahahahahahah! Happy Halloween everyone!”

Summer is an Olympian today.

Rudolph is dressed up as a sports fan.

Clarice dons the Miss America sash for her costume.

Teacup’s here with a classic Talk Show Host Costume! This was one of the first halloween costumes I ever made for my bears, all the way back in 2013.

Chip is a construction worker, and if that hat looks familiar, you might have seen it in Swirl’s Travel Journal! There was a bunch of construction going on, so the hotel gave us this hat filled with candy. I think it’s the perfect size for the Stone kids.

Sandy is a witch.

Agh, I didn’t realize how dark this photo is! Anyway, if you couldn’t tell, Cherie is a 50’s girl. I’m using the same costume that I used for Camp Happy Heart, so you can check out the tutorial here.

Cherry is Minnie Mouse.

Emma is dressed as a peasant.

Candy is dressed as Rapunzel, also from Camp Happy Heart.

Berry picked the costume of snow girl.

Dreamy is a lovely Princess.

Rudy is dressed as Harry Potter. I’m not sure how much he looks like him though…

Claire has a very fitting costume-she’s a cheerleader!

Cloud loves the fact that the props are pumpkins, probably because he is one!

Maybe Petal should have been the one taking these pictures, she’s dressed as a photographer!

Can you guess what Cali is? She’s dressed as her sister, Candy.

Where did Mischief go? Oh right, he’s dressed as a skeleton.

Sparkles sparkles as a mermaid.(okay, maybe I’m a little tired. But you gotta admit, that was punny)

Carol is dressed as an angel.

Finally, we have the newest addition to the family, Andy! Andy is dressed up as a cowboy.(how appropriate) Also, I saw Toy Story 4 recently and that ending was…not super satisfactory.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed seeing the BAB’s Halloween Costumes! Make sure to check back here on Halloween, for a special Halloween Treat!

8 thoughts on “Build a Bears Furever 2nd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

  1. Noooo the photos won’t show up waaaah 😫😭😫 I’ll look at this again when I get home since apparently my iPhone doesn’t like to cooperate! Oh well, I’m sure the photos are adorable and I can’t wait to see them!

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