Trick-or-Treating ~ A Halloween Themed Photostory

It was the evening of October 31st, Halloween, and the Stone clan was out trick-or-treating. They’d been to quite a few houses, and the sun was beginning to set.

All of the Stone kids loved to knock on doors and receive candy, though some enjoyed it more than others.

Cali, being the baby of the family, clung to her elder brother’s hand.

Sparkles, who was rather shy, decided to stick near her aunt Periwinkle. The others tried to get as close to the door as possible.

This was especially true for Cloud and Mischief. They wanted to be the center of attention, so they sat smack dab in the middle of the porch.

*knock knock*

“Oh, hello!” A sweet lady came to the door. “You all have lovely costumes, but I’m so sorry! I’m all out of candy!”

“Oh well,” Mommy sighed. “We should probably get back home anyway.”

Later that night, Mischief and Cloud were going through-er, eating all of their candy.

“You know, this just isn’t a ton of candy this year…” Cloud sighed.

“Yeah! I blame the lady with no candy!” Mischief complained. “I think we should go to her house and prank her.”

“I like that idea,” Cloud noted. “Mommy! We’re going to go play in the yard!” he announced.

“Okay, but don’t stay out too late!” came the reply.

So the boys set out, toilet paper in hand, ready to prank the nice lady with no candy.

They took turns tearing and throwing toilet paper.

Finally, the yard was a glorious, winter wonderland.

Suddenly, Mischief heard a noise. “Quick!” he motioned to Cloud. “Hide behind the trees!”

Cloud glared at Mischief. “Do you see any trees?” he asked.

“Into the toilet paper!” Mischief dove.

“Cloud? Mischief? You know I can see you guys right?” Mommy called out.

The boys shyly exited the toilet paper.

“Come sit,” Mommy patted her lap. The boys did as they were told.

“I was very worried about you guys! I checked the backyard, and you weren’t there. Don’t ever scare me like that again! I love you so much!” she rambled.

“Does this mean we aren’t in trouble?” Cloud inquired.

“Um, no. You guys are grounded for a month, and you need to clean up all of this toilet paper,” Mommy commanded.

Cloud and Mischief got right to work at cleaning up the toilet paper.

Finally, the mess was all cleaned up.

“We’re very sorry,” Mischief sighed.

“As long as you learned your lesson. It seems like I’m always telling people not to TP stuff on this blog!” Mommy exclaimed.

“What did we say about breaking the fourth wall, Mommy?” Cloud asked.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that photostory! Happy Halloween everyone! If you don’t celebrate Halloween, then I hope you still enjoyed this.

For anyone who didn’t get that last joke, please visit this post.

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