Our Morning and Nightly Routine (Saturdays with the Stones ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2019 (Our 300th post!))

Hey guys! It’s me, Cali, here with Saturdays with the Stones! Today’s episode is special, because we are going to be sharing our morning and evening routines! Also, this is our 300th post on this blog! I’m very excited about this!

Without further ado, I introduce, our daily routines!

“Kids! Go ahead and get your pj’s on!” Mommy announces.

That’s our cue to go ahead and put our pajamas on and begin getting ready for bed.

We usually gather together after we all get our pj’s on, but sometimes, Mommy lets us watch a movie or TV show during this time.

Now, it’s time to say a family prayer before we all go to our rooms.

See, all of us girls share one room. I don’t mind it, because it allows all of us to be closer. Anyway, now it is time to write in our journals. Not all of us have journals, so those of us who don’t just doodle or something.

I normally keep a journal, but I really wanted to write a special message, because I do really enjoy doing this.

Then, Mommy and Daddy come in to tuck us into bed.

Sometimes Mommy sings us a song, or tells us a story. Tonight she read to us.

Mommy and Daddy also kiss us goodnight.

Then, they go into the boy’s room and do the same thing.

Although tonight, I snuck out and watched them.

Goodnight guys! See you in the morning!

Good morning!

When our alarms go off in the morning, some of us are really peppy and chipper, but others, like myself, hide under our covers. (I’m under the pink polka dotted ones.)

Soon after we gather in one of our rooms, Mommy comes in to get us for breakfast.

This morning we’re lucky! Mommy let us have doughnuts for breakfast. I know they aren’t super healthy, but you gotta admit, they taste pretty darn good!

So normally now we read scriptures, and discuss our day’s events.

Sadly, most days Daddy has to go to work, instead of playing with us all day. So, on these days, we always pile on top of him to make sure he knows he is loved before he goes.

Anyway, after he leaves, we get dressed and then we’re ready for the day!

What are your daily routines?


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