30 Things We Are Thankful For (Thankful Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week Novemember 2019)

Hello everyone! I’m the best cat, Treasure. Today we have a post very similar to last year’s post, where we simply shared things we were grateful for. Without further ado, here are 30 things we are thankful for!

  1. Treasure: I’m very grateful for all my fans. Summer: Treasure, you don’t really have fans. We have around 60 followers, and I doubt a lot of them know your name. *Treasure rolls eyes*
  2. Summer: I’m grateful for the friendships I made during Camp Happy Heart! I loved being a counselor!
  3. Dreamy: I’m grateful to get to do Friendship Friday regularly with my BFF.
  4. Berry: I’m grateful for our new Kitchenaid(photostory coming soon!)
  5. Teacup: I’m thankful for all the trips we’ve taken/will take this year! I love getting to see new things!
  6. Pumpkin: The DSLR. That is the best thing ever.
  7. Peri: I said it last year, and I’ll say it again, my kids.
  8. Lil Choc: I’m grateful for our wonderful house.
  9. Chip: I’m grateful for camping.
  10. Sandy: I really appreciate getting to learn new skills this summer.
  11. Cherie: Cherry!
  12. Cherry: Cherie!
  13. Candy: Toys!
  14. Cloud: I’m really glad that I got to see Endgame this year.
  15. Cali: I’m grateful for all our blog.
  16. Starburst: I am grateful for my job, and that I get summers off to spend with Swirl and Petal.
  17. Swirl: I’m grateful that I got to get to know Petal! She’s really awesome!
  18. Petal: I’m grateful for art.
  19. Bella: I am lucky to have good food.
  20. Mischief: I’m grateful that I can prank Sparkles.
  21. Sparkles: I am grateful for all of my tutus.
  22. Cokie: I’m grateful to the opportunity to help others.
  23. Rudolph: I’m grateful for my wife, Clarice.
  24. Clarice: I’m grateful for so much, but I’ll go with the fact that Rudolph has a steady job.
  25. Rudy: I’m grateful to become an athlete.
  26. Claire: I’m super thankful for the chance to become closer with Cherry and Candy this summer!
  27. Gracie: I appreciate my friends.
  28. Emma: The color green.
  29. Andy: I’m grateful for our copy of Toy Story 4.
  30. Carol: I’m thankful for my spaceship.

What are you grateful for?

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