Baker’s Block? ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Berry

Hey guys! I’m very excited for this post, because it’s our first BAB Appreciation Days post! You guys voted for Berry, so here’s a photostory featuring Berry! I hope you enjoy!

Berry was in the mood to bake. There was just one problem, she didn’t know what to bake! Berry knew what to do, she would consult her recipe box.

She flipped through the recipe box, taking the time to read each one. She realized that she’d made each of these recipes many, many times.

“Oh no! I’ve run out of things to bake!” Berry sighed. This was very upsetting to her. She was the family baker, and what was she if she couldn’t bake?

Without purpose, she laid down, feeling depressed. She decided to stay there until she had inspiration on what to cook.

~ A few days later~

A few days had passed, and Berry was still unsure of what to bake. Andy came in her room.

“Hey Berry!” he greeted. “I’ve noticed you’ve been a little depressed lately. Can I ask you what’s wrong?”

“Well, I’ve cooked everything I know how! I’m just sick of baking I guess…” Berry sighed.

“I figured something like that would be the case,” Andy replied. “Follow me.”

Berry didn’t really want to leave her warm, soft bed, but she was intrigued by Andy’s request. She followed him into the kitchen.

Andy had led Berry to the kitchen, and where there used to be an empty space, there was now a brand new, shiny red KitchenAid.

“Wha-What?” Berry gasped. Her jaw dropped. “Did you guys get this for me?”

“We noticed that you hadn’t been baking all that much, and we wanted to cheer you up. Dreamy came up with the idea to get you a KitchenAid,” he explained.

“How did you come up with the money?” Berry asked, stunned.

“We all pitched in. You know, between the 60 of us, we can come up with a lot sometimes.” Andy explained.

Berry clung to her sparkling new mixer. “I love you!” she whispered.

“Wait, are you talking to me, or the KitchenAid?” Andy asked.

Berry glared at Andy. “Obviously the KitchenAid. But thank you,” she replied.

The end! Did you enjoy this photostory? Are you enjoying this segment? Finally, please comment and let me know who you want to see in the next BAB Appreciation Days post!

8 thoughts on “Baker’s Block? ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Berry

  1. This was a great photostory.
    Berry is so cute (well really all the Build-a-Bears are). My sister went through something like this once. She’s the family baker. And Berry loving the Kitchen-Aid is so funny.
    Anyway, I’d like to see more of Carol please.

    Liked by 1 person

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