Food, Family, and Fun! – Thanksgiving 2019

Hey guys! It’s Thanksgiving, and I hope you’re all having a great one! Let’s check in on the Stones and see how they’re spending Thanksgiving!

*Inhuman chewing noises*

Um, girls?

*More smacking sounds*


“Oh, um hello all! I’m Cali, and I’m here to wish you all a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!”

“Yeah, but I think they really just want to see our food,”

“Okay Candy, but first you have to share something you’re grateful for! I’ll go first, I’m grateful for my wonderful family and all the love they give me!”

“I’m grateful for presents.”

“Really Candy? I gave this nice, heartfelt sentiment, and you just say ‘presents’? Really?”

“How do you even know what ‘heartfelt sentiment’ means?”

“I’m not just more considerate than you, but I’m also smarter…”

“Anyway, here’s our food! We had a wonderful feast prepared by Diamond and her mother! My favorite thing was the eggs, how about you, Candy?”

“I think I liked the pies the best.”

“Here’s more lovely food! Aren’t we so blessed to have food?”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What’s something you are grateful for? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?


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