Art Dump from Baby Diamond

Hello friends! As you know, I have more old drawings to share! Let’s get right into it, and remember, this is very old, so I have improved a bit since then.

Here’s a picture of Velvety.

Yeah, I’m guessing Velvety was my favorite at this point in time.

This is supposed to be Patrioticy. There will be a lot of drawings of her coming up.

Here’s a rather rough sketch of Brownie.

This isn’t a drawing, but one time my mom wrote on Twilight, so here is her doctor’s note. 🙂

XD Here’s a note I wrote to the Easter Bunny. I said ” Dear Easter Bunny, Do you see this dog? I want it. Can you give it to me? Thanks if you can.” Needless to say, I didn’t get the dog.

However, here’s a picture of her!

Here’s an unfinished drawing of the ponies in a hot air balloon. Look at Twilight XD!

“Once upon a time, there was a dog named Brownie. She has seven sisters. Her sisters are: Cinnamon, Snuggly, Velvety, Patrioticy, Crystal, Goldie, and Snowball. Her owner has four of her sisters and they are Cinnamon, Snuggly, Velvety, and Patrioticy. She also has two bunnies named Starburst, and Miss Daisy Blossom. She also has…”

I can not tell you how many of these stories I have.

Here’s a drawing of Velvety.

I used to love making these forms and filling them out.

Apparently this never got colored, but it’s a picture of Snuggly, Velvety, and Patrioticy.


Here’s Snuggly and Patrioticy.

Here’s an interesting drawing of Brownie.

This was how many of the BABs attended BAB school on September 2nd, 2013.

Here’s another drawing of the BAB that I really wanted, Belle.




Cinnamon and Snuggly.

Here’s a list of all my BABs at one time. I can’t even tell you how many there are like this.

Here’s a calendar that I made. Each BAB was on a different month.

This is amusing! It’s a party hat that says, “I’m a party hat”


Apparently I made a list of all the BABs I like and the ones I didn’t/

Here’s where the Patrioticy pictures begin!

Here are some coloring pages.

I drew a lot of ponies.

My mom used to get some pads with these different forms that you would leave for a babysitter or something. I filled them out for the BABs.

Here’s a drawing of Twilight.

A drawing of Goldie.

To end this off, I have a rather interesting drawing of Swirl, and a semi-decent one of Velvety.

Did you like looking through these? Did you like to draw when you were younger?

P.S. Something VERY exciting is coming up in a couple days! Did I say, “25 days of Christmas+a collab with a very awesome person?” Maaaayyyybeeee. To get the full details, be sure to join the BAB Club, an exclusive club specifically for our followers! There are still 2 spots left, so comment down below if you’d like to join!

14 thoughts on “Art Dump from Baby Diamond

    1. Okay, I might have a solution! I have noticed this in the WP reader, so if you viewed it there, check the actual site. I ran out of storage space a little while ago, so I’ve been hosting my photos on another blog. Sometimes it has problems. If that doesn’t work, let me know, and I’ll find another way to view the post.

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        1. It’s probably my problem😂
          First, I’ve noticed that it works best in Google Chrome on an actual computer. But some people can see the photos fine, some people can’t, and it’s very odd.

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    1. Aw, thank you so much!
      I drew a lot of puppies in this post because at the time, those were a majority of my BABs. You can check them out on the Meet the Dogs page to see if I did any good at making them look alike.
      Thanks again McKayla!

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