Cloud’s Home Alone? (Mistletoe Monday ~ BAB Takeover Week December 2019)

Mommy Stone was packing. “What for?” you might ask. Well, the Stones were going on a Christmas vacation to visit family.

“Han shot first!”

“No, he didn’t!”

Cloud and his sister Candy were having an argument.

“Mom!” Candy shouted. “Tell Cloud that Han didn’t shoot first!”

Mommy sighed. “Can you guys not fight over this right now? We’re about to go on a trip very early tomorrow morning, and I need to pack.”

“But Han shot first!” Cloud protested.

“Okay!” Mommy said, quite fed up with the two. “Cloud, go to bed!”

Cloud was a bit upset, so he said, “Fine! Just don’t even take me on the trip!”

~The next morning~

Mischief snuck into the Stones yard. He wanted to sneak his way onto the trip.

Mommy, still tired from packing, was struggling to take the large suitcase to the car. “Lil Choc!” she called. “Can you count the kids and buckle them up?”

Daddy counted each kid, not noticing Cloud had been replaced by Mischief.

“Yep, there’s seven,” he noted.

He lovingly went to help his wife carry the suitcase to the car.

Meanwhile, Cloud was still asleep, cozy in his bed.

He looked around. His family was all gone! Did they really leave him like he’d asked? He hadn’t really meant it. But, that didn’t mean he couldn’t use this to his advantage!

First, he ate the most unhealthy foods he could find.

He spent a long time watching movies and TV.

Next, he decided to go through his mother’s things, especially her expensive jewelry, that she always told him not to touch.

Finally, he got tired of being alone. He decided to call his mom, and he found out that she’d noticed he had been missing a bit before he had called.

Soon, Mommy was home, and she held Cloud so tightly, that he almost couldn’t breathe.

“I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed.

Finally, the whole family was together, and they left on their trip.

However, a stowaway just so happened to sneak into the car again…

The End! I hope you all enjoyed my Home Alone adventure!

11 thoughts on “Cloud’s Home Alone? (Mistletoe Monday ~ BAB Takeover Week December 2019)

  1. What’s weird is that after I viewed the other link, the photos showed up here! ANYWAY. Sorry about that interesting amount of trouble. XD THIS WAS SO CUTE! I love the Home Alone movies and this was such an adorable and sweet reminder of it. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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