Cherry and Cherie’s 10 Favorite Christmas Ornaments (Tree Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week December 2019)

Hey guys! It’s your favorite twins, Cherry and Cherie! Today, we will be sharing our top ten favorite Christmas ornaments on Diamond’s tree! I’ll be picking 5, and Cherie will be picking 5 too! Let’s get started!

I like this one with Sorcerer Mickey, because it reminds me of Fantasmic.

I like the Cinderella castle! It’s very nice.

You guys know there are bound to be Marvel ornaments on this tree, so I picked this one of Groot and Rocket next.

I found another Marvel one! This is Spider-Man as Santa Claus! Isn’t it great?

Here’s a Disney one! We have one of these from 2016, 2017, and 2018(but sadly no 2019,)

We have some Frozen ornaments too! I like this one of Elsa!

I found yet another Marvel one, Ant Man!

Wicket! This is the best one, says Wicket.

See this one? It reminds me of the vintage Mickey and Minnie, and that’s why I love it.

Here’s a really great one, that we saved for last. It’s Santa, with Baby Jesus! I mean, if there’s another ornament that sums up the Christmas season as well as this one, I’ve yet to find it. Two of the greatest givers.(obviously Jesus gave wayyy more though)

Whelp, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Tell us about your favorite Christmas ornaments in the comments!


P.S. You guys have to stay tuned for tomorrow! We’ve got another post from the Stuffie Adventures gang, and we certainly can’t wait to see what will happen! 😉

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