3 Creative Alternatives to Wrapping Paper feat. Kenzie and Brookie of Stuffie Adventures! (Wrapping Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week December 2019)


Kenzie: Hi, you guys! This is Kenzie Chandler.

Brookie: And this is Brookie Chandler!

Kenzie: We’re two dollies from the former blog Stuffie Adventures and we’re really excited, because today we get to do a guest post on BABF! If you read Baking with Berry on Sunday, you’ll have met our cousin Huggies Pawbear, who posted a tutorial for cookie mixes. We’re simply continuing this series of guest posts today. 🙂


Brookie: *jumps up and down excitedly* As part of BAB Takeover Week and 25 Days of Christmas, we’re going to be showing you five alternatives to wrapping paper. If you don’t have wrapping paper, you can use these to “wrap” your gifts instead, and even if you do, consider these as more eco-friendly options! (Wrapping paper is awesome, but so much waste results from it every year that it might be time to consider some more sustainable choices). Alright, environmental speech over, let’s do this.

Kenzie: Tilly (our photographer) wants to apologize in advance for the grainy quality of these photos: she very unfortunately couldn’t find her DSLR and so was forced to take these photos with her phone. I hope you’ll enjoy this post regardless. 🙂 Shall we begin?

Brookie: Yes! I can’t wait.

1. Boxes


Okay, this might be the easiest alternative! I’m sure most of you have some kind of small box lying around: a jewelry box, a stationary box, etc. The best part about using a box to store your present is that you get to decorate the box exactly like you would a package; you could even stuff some tissue paper or confetti in there. This works especially for shipping presents in the mail.

2. Pages from Old Books

Book Pages

I love using pages from books for creative purposes: decorating envelopes, making cards, and now as wrapping paper. It has an unmistakable aesthetic to it. 🙂 Just be careful what book you’re tearing a page out of: you don’t want to accidentally ruin the Great Gatsby when your sister needs it for a book club next week!

3. Old Sheet Music

Sheet Music

I’m a musician, and if I could count the number of pages of old piano pieces I trash every year, I’d be counting forever. I try to recycle these to use as scratch paper, but even then, I always have a lot leftover! Wrapping presents is a clever way to put this old sheet music to use; plus, just like the pages from old books, it has a certain aesthetic quality. 🙂 In this photo, I’ve (very poorly) wrapped rolls of washi tape with a page from my music theory book: I think it was something about chord progressions?

IMG_9619Kenzie: That’s it for now!

Brookie: Talk to us in the comments below, and tune in tomorrow for another installation of BAB Takeover Week: Tinsel Thursday! Our cousin Cocoa will be writing our next guest post, which is coming up on the 9th. You’ll have to wait and see what that’s about. Hopefully, Tilly will have found her DSLR by then, but if not– photo editing works wonders.


Kenzie & Brookie

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