Top 10 Christmas Movies (Tinsel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week December 2019)

Hey guys! I’m Jingles, and I’m here to tell you my top ten Christmas movies! Ready? Here we go!

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s such a classic, and it has a great message.

2. A Muppet Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a classic, and the Muppets are amazing. Combine the two? Yeah, we watch this one every year.

3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

With us having BAB versions of Rudolph and Clarice, you guys have got to know that we love this movie.

4. Frosty the Snowman

All of these are such classics, we’d be crazy to leave this one off!

5. Home Alone

I really like Home Alone, and it’s such a funny Christmas movie to watch.

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

There are a few Grinch movies, but I would definitely prefer the original.

7. Elf

This is such a fun Christmas movie!

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is another classic Christmas movie.

9. The Nightmare before Christmas

Okay, so we normally watch this one on Halloween, but it is also great anytime around Christmastime.

10. Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure

Most people have probably not heard of this, but it is literally a Build a Bear movie! It has to be on this list!

Whelp, there’s our list of Christmas movies. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Christmas Movies (Tinsel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week December 2019)

  1. I’ve only seen a few of these but I love the ones I’ve seen.
    Home Alone is probably my favorite.
    Also, my sister and I have this ongoing argument/joke about whether Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie or not….

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