Twilight’s Gag Gift Ideas

Hey turds! It’s your favorite BAB, Twilight! I know I’m the best, so you don’t have to tell me that. Though, I don’t mind if you do…

Today, I have a fun post for you. It was my idea, and you guys will love it. Why? Because I told you too. I’m going to be showing you some gag gift ideas. Do you have anyone who you don’t like, but still need to get them a present? Or, maybe you have a friend who has everything, and you want to give them something that will make them laugh? Well, I assure you, this is not your typical gift guide.

All images come from Pinterest, and I left a link to them.

#1 Beginner’s Weights

I mean, they are kind of genius. This is the perfect gift for someone athletic. All you do is take a couple Q-tips, and BOOM!

#2 Melted Snowman

I mean, it’s not wrong? This is perfect if you live in a warm area(like me) and it’s never warm enough to build a snowman.

#3 Free Ticket

This is amazing, because it is so useless, that it is funny.

#4 A Marble

A marble, for someone who’s lost all their marbles! Give this to any crazy person!(like me)

#5 An X-box

I mean, Cloud does want an X-box for Christmas, so do you think I could just get him this?

#6 Bubble Bath

Hahaha! I love this so much! I would definitely give this to my BFF, Treasure.

Directions: Cook and eat one hour before bathing

#7 iPads

Eye-pads? I mean, this one is even useful. Like, someone could use the notepad? Yes.

#8 Donut Seeds

Again with the usefulness! This would make a great snack!

#9 Batteries

Okay, so you know how a lot of toys say “batteries not included”? This is the exact opposite of that. This is what you can get adults(boring, I know) who have kids, because it’s perfect for when their kids open presents. Unless…you want their offspring to torment them when they find that there are no batteries in their toys. πŸ˜‰

#10 A Fit

I love this. I need this for Christmas.

Go ahead—just pick me up…


#11 A Weather Rock

I mean…it’s very true. If the rock is wet, it’s raining. If there is no stone, then it must be a tornado.

#12 Coal

For your naughty friends. Yes, Treasure, I see you.

#13 Number 2 pencils

AH! HA! HA! I love this! I really want this for Christmas, and I want to give it to all of my friends.

#14 Dehydrated Water

I have always wanted some dehydrated water. I mean, some things are really nice to snack one when they’re dehydrated, and water can’t be any different, right?

#15 A Toilet Paper roll

This is adorable! I really think this is a wonderful idea.

#16 Dust Bunnies

I think that this would be perfect for like, a parent, who has a kid, and that kid wants a pet…


#17 Soap for Introverts

Okay, so this is for any introvert,(like Diamond) It says, Unscented, because seriously, you’re not going anywhere anyway. Ah, perfection.

Did you enjoy my list? Have you ever gotten a gag gift? What is your favorite gag gift idea?

15 thoughts on “Twilight’s Gag Gift Ideas

  1. Great ideas! I’m going to give Tricia a pie in the face for Christmas. It’s a classic plus it will teach her to be such a snob.
    I’m not sure what to do for Chrissa……she’s so sensitive that I don’t want to hurt her feelings.
    -Josefina Montoya, who may or may not be on the naughty list this year

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! *smirks*
      That is a wonderful gift idea, and I may just have to give it to one of my siblings or friends as well.
      Hm, maybe one of the nicer ones on this list! Like, the iPad or something. Those ones aren’t that mean.
      ❀ Twilight (who also may or may not be on the naughty list…every year)

      Liked by 1 person

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