Light the World

Hey guys! In honor of Christmas, I knew I had to incorporate Christ into some of these posts. For the past few years,my church has been doing Light the World. I’ll leave a link, but for those who don’t know, Light the World is basically 25 acts of service that you can do every day until Christmas. The Stones have been participating, and I wanted to share their service!

Day 1 The next time you receive a text today, tell the person who sent it something you appreciate about them.

Day 2 Think of someone who is an example of Christlike service. Highlight their example on social media.

Day 3 Donate blood today. Your selfless service can save a life.

Day 4 Which one of your classmates or coworkers do you know the least? Eat lunch with someone new at school or work.

Day 5 Offer a prayer of gratitude for Jesus Christ and His mercy.

Day 6 Find a way to help someone in need by making a small donation. Consider the list of Giving Machines charity partners at

Day 7 Think of your family members. Offer to clean their room, or perform some other act of service.

Day 8 Share a scripture with a friend or a loved one who may need a boost today.

Day 9 Think of a close friend or family member. Invite them to do an ornament swap, so you have something to represent each other in your respective homes.

Day 10 Cheer someone on! Make plans to attend an event (holiday, athletic, cultural, etc.) to support someone you know.

Day 11 Call your parents right now and tell them how much you love them.

Day 12 Interpret how you feel about Jesus Christ by creating art, a song, a poem, or some other creative outlet, and share it with a friend or loved one.

Day 13 Write an anonymous “thank you” to your boss, teacher, or leader and let them know what they do well.

Day 14 Plan a one-on-one activity with a friend, a child, or a loved one.

Day 15 Invite someone to attend a Christmas worship service with you next Sunday.

Day 16 Learn about one of your ancestors and share their story. Need help? Visit

Day 17 Take a vow of positivity today. Greet everyone you see with a smile.

Day 18 Think of someone for whom you’ve had negative feelings lately. Try praying for them.

Day 19 Make a list of all the things a mentor or teacher has done for you. Send it to them with a note of thanks.

Day 20 Visit a small business and meet the owner. Consider, if appropriate, leaving them a positive review online.

Day 21 Think of a single parent you know. Invite their child/children over so the parent can have some time to do Christmas preparations, or other errands.

Day 22 Ask God how you can be an answer to someone else’s prayer today.

Day 23 Think of a neighbor you don’t know very well. Bring them some homemade goodies or a thoughtful gift.

Day 24 Deliver a “reverse wish list” to a parent. Write down all the wonderful, meaningful things they’ve provided you with throughout your life.

Day 25 Merry Christmas! Think of all the things the Savior Jesus Christ has done for you, and share some of them on social media.

Day 26 Turn the challenge to Light the World one by one every day into a New Year’s resolution.

Here’s a calendar with each day on one piece of paper:light-the-world-2019-daily-service-calendarDownload

Let me know if you decide to do any of these things, and let me know how it goes!

13 thoughts on “Light the World

      1. You’re welcome. It’s an awesome post.
        P.S. Yes! Most pop singers only can make a few good albums and then all the songs get meh. But I like all of her songs. Reputation was a little eh….. I still like lots of the songs, it’s just not my favorite.

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          1. 1989 is a pretty good one. I think my ranking is currently:
            1. Red
            2. Lover
            3. Speak Now
            4. 1989
            5. Fearless
            6. Reputation
            7. Taylor Swift

            And then I also love the bonus tracks on 1989 a lot, and Today Was a Fairytale. And I only recently heard Sweeter Than Fiction.

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