Meeting Santa

Today, Mommy Stone took the children to see Santa Bear!

As you can see, they were all very excited to meet him.

Cali sat up on his lap and posed for a picture. Of course she realized that this was her father and not the Santa Bear, but she didn’t want to disappoint Mommy and Daddy.

Cloud mentioned that he wanted an Infinity Stone for Christmas! (he would prefer power, but he’d settle for any of them.)

Candy made sure to rattle off her lengthy list of demands.

Cherry wanted to showcase the fact that they had matching hats.

Cherie simply smiled sweetly at the camera.

Sandy didn’t want too much this year, so she told Santa Bear that he could surprise her.

Chip told Santa Bear about a new fishing rod that he’d been eyeing.

Of course, Mommy needed to get a picture with Santa Bear too!

Finally, they got some pictures of the whole family with Santa Bear.

Have you ever met Santa?

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