Advent Calendar

Hello friends! I thought you guys might like to see my family completing our advent calendar! Now, I know we just showed you our Light the World advent calendar, but we also have another advent calendar that Diamond came up with for us! This one is a lot of fun!

Day 1 – Put up your tree

Day 2 – Make a Christmas wishlist

Day 3 – Write a Christmas song

Day 4 – Make a gingerbread house

Day 5 – Read a Christmas book

Day 6 – Send out Christmas Cards

Day 7 – Have a movie marathon

Day 8 – Look at Christmas lights

Day 9 – Go Christmas shopping

Day 10 – Make a Christmas present

Day 11 – Eat a candy cane

Day 12 – Take Christmas photos

Day 13 – Listen to Christmas music

Day 14 – Perform service

Day 15 – Bundle up

Day 16 – Read a Christmas blog post

Day 17 – Write a Christmas story

Day 18 – Draw a Christmas picture

Day 19 – Donate a toy

Day 20 – Go Christmas caroling

Day 21 – Wrap a present

Day 22 – Write in a Christmas journal

Day 23 – Look at old Christmas photos

Day 24 – Hang your stocking

Day 25 – Read the Christmas story

Whelp, that’s our advent calendar this year! Feel free to complete these activities yourself, or save them for 2020!

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