Disney Tree Trail

Hello friends! I recently took a trip to Orlando (we went to Universal, but I now realize every photo I took of Cloud was at Disney Springs) and I took a bunch of photos! I only took a few of Cloud, but I’ll share the ones I have, especially since they are very Christmas-y. Here we go!

First, I wanted to share this! The hotel we were staying at gave us a lot of upgrades and gifts, and one of those was a Lightaber! Cloud was overjoyed at this.

We went for lunch at Rainforest Cafe while we were at Disney Springs. It was the first time I ever went there.(well, excluding when I was a baby, lol)

Cloud had trouble deciding what to order.

He really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Finally, it was time to hit the tree trail!

A Disney Parks inspired tree.

Your Holiday Adventure Begins…

Cloud enjoyed the Mickey and Minnie tree.

Here’s the Beauty and the Beast tree.

The Sleeping Beauty tree.

I think Cloud wanted to be an ornament here…

The Princess and the Frog tree. I love that movie!

Cloud wanted to be a part of the Little Mermaid tree.

Cloud also just enjoyed hanging out along the tree trail.

The Frozen tree looks very wintry.

The Mulan tree is very nice too.

Cloud really likes the Frozen tree!

This is the Snow White tree.

Cloud’s photobombing the Toy Story tree.

The Haunted Mansion tree looks so spooky and lovely.

The Pinocchio tree is fairly cool.

The Cinderella tree is lovely.

The Dumbo tree.

This is by far Cloud’s favorite tree!

See? Isn’t it great?

A Peter Pan tree.

I really like the top of this tree.

The Tangled tree is fun.

You can really see the snow in this picture.

I like this picture of Cloud a lot.

Our final tree is this one of Fantasia.

Cloud must really like to sit on the fence…

Lastly, we have this Nutcracker. Can you spot Cloud?

If you’re ever in Orlando, I totally recommend checking this out. It’s totally free, and it’s really awesome!

Which tree was your favorite?

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the rest of my trip on IH12OP later today!

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