Collab with McKayla

Hello friends! It’s your favorite bear, Cloud! Today, I decided to collaborate with a really awesome blog, Crazy, Country Dolls! McKayla is a super loyal follower of ours, and since her blog is really awesome as well, we decided to do an interview! McKayla just got a new doll, Tricia, and I just had to get to know her! I asked her 10 questions, and here are her answers!

1. What is it like being the newest doll? Do you get spoiled like I did?

It’s really great! I get spoiled A LOT. Part of that is because I’m named after McKayla’s favorite actress. So, yeah, they spoil me.

2. What is your favorite part of the Christmas season?

Definitely the decorations and lights. My favorite Christmassy thing to do is window shop after dark and look at all the beautiful, glowing Christmas trees.

3. Who is your favorite Agents of SHIELD character? (Mine is Coulson!)

Ooh, this is so hard. Probably May. I can oddly relate to her the most, and she’s pretty awesome. Coulson is really cool, too

4. Which of your siblings do you have the most trouble getting along with?

Josefina, definitely! She’s super loud, and she does insane things in public which always embarrasses me. Plus she’s ALWAYS pulling pranks. And she THINKS she’s a really good violin player but, um, she’s not really.

5. Which upcoming Marvel movie would you most like to see in theaters?

 Black Widow! She’s my favorite Avenger, and I feel like it’s the type of movie that would be cool to see in theaters.

6. What Christmas song is your favorite?

Classic or contemporary? Classic would be “Silent Night”. Contemporary would be “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande.

7. Who are your top three favorite singers?

Taylor Swift, of course! Hmmmm, the other two would be Meghan Trainor and Carrie Underwood. I think….

8. What would your dream Christmas present be?

I’d really like if someone could get me a diamond necklace that’s personalized somehow to make it more meaningful. I know those are really expensive so I haven’t bothered asking for one.

9. Is McKayla as awesome in real life as she is online?

 McKayla says thanks for the compliment. Umm, she’s kind of a thrill seeker like me. She’s also pretty creative, she’s obsessed with movies, she’s very hyper and daydreamy, and she’s very spontaneous. She has strong feelings about things but is generally pretty chill. Oh, and she’s ALWAYS acting. It gets annoying at times.

10. What is a hobby you’ve always wanted to try?

Sky diving, bungee jumping or motorcycling. I’m a thrill seeker.

Weren’t those great answers! Dont forget to check out Crazy, Country Dolls to read my answers to her questions!

P.S. Diamond here, with a very special announcement! One of my favorite bloggers, Emmie, is working on a very exciting stopmotion! It will be released on Christmas Eve(which is like…tomorrow), so make sure to check out her post here!

8 thoughts on “Collab with McKayla

  1. Oooh, awesome. 🙂 I’m sure that new dolls/stuffed animals do get spoiled a lot. Though whenever I get new dolls/stuffed animals, I always make sure that no dolls feel left out.

    , this interview was fun to read, it was great to get to know you better Tricia.

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