2019 Recap (Wrap-Up Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2020)

Hello friends! Even though Diamond already did a post like this on her other blog, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to do one too! That’s right, today, we will be recapping 2019!


Before we really get started, I wanted to share this little tidbit of information. Do you guys want to know how many followers we had before 2019? 5. Do you know how many we have now? 80. That is a lot, and the growth is incredible. So, thank you everyone for that!

Anyway, January was pretty good for us bears. There were a few 12 Days of Christmas posts, Takeover week, and the groups were also introduced! There were a few things that helped more BABs to be included on the blog this year, and that was one of them. There was also a photostory where we helped Diamond pack.


Probably the biggest thing we can think of that happened in February was getting a DSLR. Diamond was very inspired to blog after that, so we were very pleased about that. We also had a pretty fun Takeover week.


Outside of Takeover Week, the main thing that happened in March was our 2nd blogiversary! It’s honestly so crazy to think that we have been pretty consistently blogging since 2017!


Diamond introduced her AG dolls on here in April, and you guys really seemed to enjoy that! I’m not sure what I think about that…


May was kind of a crazy month for us! We went to Universal, got a new BAB, annnnd, introduced Camp Happy Heart! It was a lot of fun dropping hints about it…

June, July, and August

Over the summer, Camp Happy Heart was everything on our blog. also, we may or may not be announcing camp 2020 soon If you want to look at everything Camp Happy Heart, check out our recap!


September wasn’t super eventful over here. There were some end of camp type posts, and oh yeah, Diamond launched a personal blog!


In October, we had some preparations for Halloween, a trip recap, and then a few of us BABs went out of town.


In November, we had Takeover Week, an Art Dump, and we also introduced BABAD! It was really fun, and I really like Baker’s Block?. There were also some posts from our vacation that we took. And of course, a Thanksgiving post.


December went amazingly! Diamond decided to try the 25 days of Christmas, and she actually did it! Although, she did have some help from @rebcake

Anyway, December turned out really nicely, and we got more pageviews than ever before! Here’s to hoping we continue to do well!

How was your year? Happy 2020 everybody!

8 thoughts on “2019 Recap (Wrap-Up Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2020)

  1. Great recap and Happy New Year! Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun year. Wow, 80 followers? And you had 5 before? That’s insane. In a good way, though. You totally deserve all of those followers.

    Liked by 1 person

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