Twilight’s Goals of 2020 (Thursday’s Twilight ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2020)

Hey turds! It’s your girl Twilight back with a post about my New Years Resolutions! First, I’ll talk about my goals from last year, and then I’ll get into this year’s goals.

Ready? No? Well guess what? I don’t really care!

Goal #1 – Get Diamond’s attention more often

Hm, I’m not sure. She mostly leaves me on a shelf, but she does think of me when she thinks of us BABs. I know, because I’m her favorite…

Goal #2 – Hang out with my BFF, Treasure

Oh yeah! The only plus side of Diamond not paying me all that much attention is that I got to hang with my best friend a bit more. We made a lot of inside jokes (coconut poo, eh Treasure?)

Goal #3 – Be the best Twilight I can be

Yeah, I mean, how could I not?

Goal #4 – Post on the blog

*sighs* I posted like 3 times? I mean, Twilight’s Gag Gifts was one of our most popular posts of the 25 Days of Christmas, but still, three times is not enough for me…

Goal #5 – Grow our blog

I would definitely say we have done this. Yes. We had…6 followers at the beginning of 2019, and now we have about 80, so yeah.

Ok, so now it’s time for me to make goal for 2020(wow, that is weird to say…)

#1. Be more involved in blogging

Ok, so I guess I could actually ask Diamond to let me write a post instead of letting her have to beg me to do it…

#2. Make a new friend

Treasure is pretty much my only friend. She’s really the only friend I need, but sometimes she’s busy when I want to hang out. Maybe I need another friend(just not a BEST friend).

#3. Make my TV appearance

Okay, so Diamond has been teasing to us BABs that we might do a sketch comedy series on our YouTube channel(don’t tell her I told you guys…) and just wanting use our YouTube channel a bit more in general, so this would be perfect for me to make my TV debut!

#4. Move into a new house

Diamond has been wanting a BAB house for some time. Shouldn’t 2020 be the year we finally get our own home?

#5. Get my own BABAD post

You guys know how BABAD is meant to appreciate all of the BABs and give us each our own special post? Well, there have been 4 so far, and I have been in none of them. Go ahead and vote for me…now!

Well, I guess those are all of my goals for 2020. What are your goals?

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