How to Make New Friends (Friendship Fridays ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2020)

Hey friends! It’s me, Dreamy, here with…

Pumpkin! You guys may be wondering where Summer is, but don’t worry! She’ll be back next month. Today, Pumpkin and I will be sharing how to make new friends! I hope you enjoy! *yawns*

Introduce yourself

This is definitely important! You can’t make a new friend if you never say hi! Watch as we do it,

“Hi, I’m Dreamy!”

“Nice to meet you Dreamy, I’m Pumpkin.”

Ask questions

Sometimes people don’t know what to say when meeting a new person. What you can do, is ask your new friend some questions about themselves. That way, there is something for you guys to talk about, and hopefully, they will ask you questions too.

Talk about yourself

I heard that people don’t really like it when you only talk about them. I think they probably find it creepy, so it’s good to have a balance and talk about yourself some too. Just don’t focus on yourself.

Find common ground

This is typically how two people become friends. You both have to find something that you guys both like. Like, for example, Pumpkin and I have similar tastes in music, so we bond over that.

Both of you keep in contact

Here’s something that is very important-you don’t want to have to fully support the friendship! Both of you need to initiate contact with each other. It will never work if it’s a one-sided relationship, so make sure you both put effort into being friends.

Well, those are our tips on how to make friends! Share your best tip for making friends with us in the comments!

7 thoughts on “How to Make New Friends (Friendship Fridays ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2020)

  1. These are great tips, Pumpkin and Dreamy.
    It’s a little hard for me to make friends but Josefina makes lots of friends at robotics club so maybe extracurriculars are a good way to meet new people.

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