Our Plans for 2020 (Saturdays with the Stones ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2020)

Hello friends! It’s me, Sandy, and today I’ll be sharing all of our plans for 2020! We always love to plan out our year(mostly…) in January, and this year is no exception. I hope you guys enjoy reading our plans for this year!


Ok, so for this month, we don’t have a whole lot planned out. We’ll probably hang out with all our cousins at least once this month though. Mommy likes it when we have a close relationship with our cousins.


We might have a family trip this month. It’s been a little while since our last family road trip, so it will be nice to go somewhere.


Candy and Cali have a huge dance recital in March, so we’ll be kinda busy getting them prepared for that.


Chip has finally convinced us to go camping as a family, so we figured April is a good time to do that. You know, before it gets too hot…


I’m really excited for May! My whole extended family will be spending a week at our lake house! We always have a lot of fun there, and I literally cannot wait.


It’s back to Camp Happy Heart again! I can’t wait for that either, and I wonder what cabin I’ll be in…


We’ll still be at camp in July…


August will probably consist of some last minute back to school preparations as well as trying to make the most of what’s left of summer.


September is usually pretty boring, but National Teddy Bear Day is on the 9th, and Diamond really wants to do something for that, so we’ll see.


Halloween is in October! We also might go to the lake house for the weekend.


November probably won’t be very busy. Likely, we’ll just prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Lots of Christmas preparations and maybe a trip to see some family…

Well, that’s our plan for 2020. What about you? Any fun plans?

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