Introduction to…

Hello friends! Today I have some exciting news for you all! I am going to be starting a photo series on this blog!


You guys do not know how long I’ve wanted to make a photo series on here. I just had no idea what to do, because it’s a little harder with stuffed animals than say, AG dolls. But I decided, “What if I make a superhero series?” and that clicked for me. Anyone who’s been following for a length of time knows that I love superheroes, so a superhero series is perfect for me. I can’t wait to introduce you all to it!

Firstly, I am going to try to have a part of this up once a month. I know that doesn’t seem very often, but I have lots of posts that I want to post, and you guys already seem to think I post…well, a lot. Because I do! But some of you also seemed to be confused about the scheduling, and I realized, “I’ve never actually published my schedule!” Here it is by the way:

The first week of the month: BAB Takeover Week

The 2nd and 4th Sundays: BABAD

Every Friday: A Regular post.

That’s it! I also post on some holidays, and I try to schedule my posts for 9 a.m. Sometimes I don’t quite make that though…

Ok, now with the boring stuff out of the way, allow me to introduce…

That’s right, the superhero story will be called Aftershock! The title does fit very well, but you guys won’t figure that out for a little while.

This series will follow Lauren Davis(Periwinkle) as she joins a team of superhero recruiters. As the team recruits superheroes, they have a lot of adventures. And, maybe learn a few secrets about themselves.

Okay, that may not be the best description. I don’t have everything planned out like I usually do, but we’re going to go with it. Here’s the cast list:

Okay, who wants to hear some snippets? I’m assuming all of you do, so here we go…

“I’d always been fascinated by superheroes. First, I’d loved them as fictional characters while I was growing up. Then, they saved the world when I was a teenager and we knew they weren’t just stories. I’d decided then that I wanted to be one someday.” – Aftershock, Prologue

“You’ll meet the rest of the team in a minute, but we recruit superheroes. We don’t save the world.”  “So, we save the superheroes?” – Aftershock, Chapter 1

That’s all I have for today! I don’t want to give too much away. Anyway, I forgot to mention that I will not be doing this series during CHH(sign ups are still needed guys :). So you guys will see part 1 in February(the prolouge), part 2 in March, 3 in April, 4 in May, and then you won’t see part 5 until August. But don’t worry! I won’t leave you with a cliffhanger or anything.

Are you excited?

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