Twinterview with Rudy and Claire (Twin Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2020)

Hey guys! It’s your favorite pair of twins…

Rudy and Claire! As you can see, Cherie and Cherry aren’t here today, so we graciously stepped in to do Twin Tuesday. We’re very excited about this, as we’ve been dying to do this ever since it started. We will be doing the same “twinterview” that Cherry and Cherie did in the first ever Twin Tuesday!

1. What is your favorite color?

C: I think I like red the best.

R: I actually think I have to agree with Claire.

2. Favorite food?

C: I think I like peppermint the best.

R: Cake.

 3. Who’s your best friend?

C: Probably Cali.

R: Cloud.

 4. What’s the best part of blogging?

C: Well, we don’t really get featured all that much *humph*

I guess I do like Camp Happy Heart though.

R: I like how we are famous!

5. What are your hobbies?

C: I like to dance!

R: Anything athletic, but I’m good at track.

6. Describe your twin using one word.

C: Athletic.

R: Girly.

7. What’s your favorite subject in school?

C: I’m quite good at everything, but I really enjoy reading and writing.

R: I’m not good at a lot of subjects. I do have a passion for science though.

 8. What’s your favorite part of having a twin?

C: I guess I like how I always have someone my age. But it isn’t the same as having an identical twin. *sighs*

R: Always having Claire by my side.

9. Favorite animal?

C: I like cats.

R: I think dogs are nice.

 10. Favorite Pixar movie?

C: Brave.

R: Cars 2.

11. Favorite Disney Princess?

C: Cinderella!

R: I don’t like any of them, ew.

12. Best place to vacation?

C: Personally, I think the beach is nice.

R: I really like going anywhere cold.

13. Favorite season?

C: Summer!

R: Winter.

14. Favorite holiday?

C: I have a feeling we’re going to agree on this one – Christmas.

R: Yep! Christmas is huge in our family.

 15. Morning or night?

C: I like to get up early and get a lot done before everyone gets up.

R: I definitely prefer the night. I can play video games after everyone goes to sleep.

Whelp, that was our interview! We hope you enjoyed.


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