Questionnaire with Willow (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2020)

Wicket here! But today isn’t about me. It’s about the most wonderful woman in the world. Willow is the most wonderful woman and mother in the world-no, in the universe.

What can I say about Willow? In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to honor my wife. We’re going to answer questions provided by Cloud.

When did you two meet?

Wicket: On the set of Return of the Jedi. It was love at first sight, but then I lost her for, oh, about 2000 years. I traveled through time and space to find her. One day, I happened to be in the right place and the right time, and it was love at second sight.

Willow: That just about sums it up.

When is your anniversary?

Wicket: Uhhhhh, December 21st?

Willow: WHAT? YOU DON’T REMEMBER? We got married on October 7th. *glares at Wicket*

*Wicket hides*

When is Wes’s birthday?

Wicket: October 2nd.

Willow: *sighs* It’s October 10th. Speaking of Wes, where is he?

Wicket: Uh, I thought he was with you?

Willow: First you forget our anniversary and child’s birthday, and now you don’t even know where our son is?

Cloud: Uh, guys? He’s right over here.

How many kids do you guys want?

Wicket: Kids? As in, plural?

Willow: Wicket! I always told you I wanted a big family!

Wicket: I know. I’m just teasing.

Will you be having more kids anytime soon?

Wicket: Well, now that you mention it…

Willow: We are expecting a little girl in July!

Cloud: Wow, congrats guys! That’s all the questions I have for the day. Anything else you guys want to say?

Wicket: Bring on the baby gifts! Heehee. Actually, I have to say this to my beautiful wife. You’re the most wonderful woman in the world. I’m so blessed. Happy Valentine’s Day my love. I love you.

Willow: I love you too, Wicket the man.

(Ideas for baby names are welcome 🙂


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