Tea Party for Pumpkin ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Pumpkin

Hello friends! It’s time for another BABAD! This time you guys wanted to see Pumpkin, so here she is! I’ve been wanting to do a tea party photostory pretty much ever since I started this blog, and it’s finally here.


Hey guys! I’m usually behind the camera, but today you guys wanted me to be the star of BABAD. Thank you all so much for this opportunity. Anyway, since my birthday is coming up, I wanted to have a party. I love tea parties, as do my friends, so I thought that was a perfect idea. I invited all of the Palace Pets, but Dreamy was busy taking a cat-nap, and Treasure said she had better things to do. Oh well.


Here is my set-up. I’m using an old tea set of Diamonds.


It has fairies on it, but I still think it’s lovely.


Oh! My friends are here. Hello Summer, Berry, and Teacup. Have a seat.


Please, take a teacup.


“Thank you so much for the tea, Pumpkin,” Teacup thanked.


Does anyone want some cream?

“Yes please!” everyone replied.


I added the cream, and then asked, “Would any of you like sugar?”


Of course, everyone said yes.


Finally, the cups were too my liking.


We clinked our cups together and started sipping.


Before too long, our cups were empty. Our tea party was over. I’d had a wonderful time.

I hope you liked that! Now that we’re a few months in, what do you think of BABAD? Do you like reading them as much as I like making them?

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