Cloud’s Guide to Making the Most of Leap Day ~ A BABF Original Photostory

Hello friends! So, you know how I normally post on Fridays?

Yeah, that didn’t happen yesterday, did it? But I did plan it that way! I didn’t just forget, I had this planned. This just worked way better today, so I waited until today to make this post. I hope you enjoy it!


Hey guys! It’s me, Cloud! Today, I’ll be showing you my guide to making the most out of Leap Day! Leap Day only comes every 4 years, so I definitely need to make the most of it! This isn’t just any ordinary day.


The first thing I did was write out my schedule. I don’t want to miss anything. I have my day jam-packed full of fun stuff.


Ok, so since the first thing I had to do today was eat a nutritious breakfast, I gladly ate the pancakes that Daddy made for me. See, normally Mommy cooks us breakfast in the mornings, but Daddy has been trying to cook on the weekends more often. He’s nothing like Mommy, but he isn’t a bad cook.


Step Two: Read a book.

Check! I spent about an hour or so reading. The next thing I have on my schedule is to play outside! I can’t wait for this one.


Oh no! I just checked the weather and it’s too cold to play outside! Ugh!

Okay, okay. The key to making the most out of Leap Day is not to waste time on problems. So I won’t.


Instead, I used the time set aside for playing outside to play video games. I had this on the schedule for later, but I just have to find another way to spend that time.


Finally, it was time for lunch. Mommy didn’t have anything laid out, and neither did Daddy, so I just looked around in the fridge and grabbed a sandwich.


Since the next thing on my schedule was already completed, I decided to go ahead and ask Mommy if she could take me over to Mischief’s house.

“No honey,” She replied. “I have a lot to do today, I don’t think we’ll make it over there.”

“What?” I exploded. “I wanted to make the most out of this day, but I can’t! First the weather sucks, and then you can’t take me over to Mischief’s, then what? Everything is going wrong!”

“Why do you need to make the most out of today?” Mommy inquired.

I sighed at her stupidity. “It’s Leap Day! It only comes once every 4 years! Don’t you know how important today is?” I explained.

Mommy laughed. “Leap Day isn’t a magical day or something. It’s just another day to be honest.”

I was confused. “But it only comes every 4 years?”

“A year has 365 1/4 days. We just celebrate an extra day every 4 years. It’s not really anything too special,” Mommy explained. “And it’s certainly not anything to get worked up over.”

I thought about that. Mommy was right, wasn’t she? This wasn’t Christmas or something. I didn’t have to feel like I had to do everything on my list today.

After talking to Mommy, I decided to forego my list and just do whatever I would do on a normal Saturday.

I still think I made the most out of my Leap Day.

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