Photography Evolution (Photography with Pumpkin ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2020)

Hello all! My name as Pumpkin, and today we are doing Photography with Pumpkin! I figured that I could do a photography evolution post in honor of our upcoming blogiversary. I am going to use samples of Diamond’s photography over time. So, you will be seeing some photos that are from some of the older blogs, and um, I apologize for how horrible they will look. However, I think by the end of this post, you will definitely see the improvement!

We shall get started with photos from Diamond’s first ever camera, the $10 polaroid!(It’s not an instant camera, but the name brand was polaroid.


It looks…

I’m honestly speechless.

First, what’s up with the datestamp in the corner? Those things are very annoying, and ruin the photo. Also, Diamond didn’t even move stuff out of the way for this photo. It looks pretty bad. Obviously it’s also incredibly blurry.

I’m not even goint to share more photos from that camera.

Next, Diamond used a point and shoot that was her dad’s. Let’s see if the photos turned out any better…

I think not. The first photo is decent, but the lighting is kinda…horrible. But this second photo? I can’t even stand to look at it! I think it’s worse than the polaroid! How blurry can one photo be?

Just to be fair, this was also taken on the point and shoot, and it looks way better. Diamond improved some in her time with it.

Ok, next up we have the Kindle. Diamond thought that this was better than the point and shoot at first, but um… no.

This photo is so washed out…

I promise they get better from here. Trust me, they do.

Time to see what a majority of the early photos on this blog were taken on, an iPhone SE.

These photos are okay. I mean, they’re better than anything else we’ve seen so far, but they’re still just a little fuzzy.

Next, Diamond got a DSLR camera, which is what the photos will be taken on 99% of the time from here on out.

As you can see, the photography has greatly improved by now. Having the right camera can really help.

I wanted to share this as a bonus, because you will also see some photos taken on Diamond’s new phone, an iPhone XR. It’s also what the upcoming YouTube videos will likely be taken on.

As you can see, the photo quality isn’t quite as good as on the DSLR, but it’s decent and far better than the other cameras.

What did you think of this post? Do you like seeing how people grow? Which stage does your photography look like now? Don’t worry if it looks like one of the first few photos, because you can always improve!

P.S. If you’ve noticed, we’re changing up the title of BAB Takeover Week posts so that it’s more clear what the post is actually about.

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