Who Knows Treasure Better? (Treasuriffic Tuesdays ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2020)

Hello my glorious fans! I know you have all been anxiously awaiting my return since my last post. Well, wait no longer, for I am here! I’m about to gift your eyes with my presence. You’re welcome.

Anyway, for today’s Treasuriffic Tuesday, I’m going to quiz my two best friends and see who knows me the best. You guys can play along if you like.

Meet your competitors, Twilight and Summer. Both of these gals are my best friends, but let’s see which one REALLY knows me better. I’m your host, Treasure!

QUESTION NUMBER 1! When is Treasure’s birthday?

S: May 26th, 2014.

TW: May 26th.

Both of you are right on this one. But this one was easy…

2. What is Treasure’s favorite holiday?

S: National Treasure Day.

TW: No, I know this one is for sure Halloween.

Actually, Summer is right about that one. I once said Halloween was my favorite holiday, but National Treasure Day is just sooo much better.

TW: Goodness.

#3. Who is awesomer: Treasure or Twilight?

S: You, of course.

TW: I won’t say it Treasure, I am ALWAYS the awesomer one.

Whelp, it looks like Twilight is losing quickly. She should pretty much be disqualified by now.

4. How did you meet Treasure?

S: Well, Diamond brought me home from the mall and I hid in her room. Treasure seemed to be the leader of the BABs, and she went to investigate. She introduced me to the room, and we became BFF’s fast.

TW: Treasure came into the house after I did. I was the favorite, and then Treasure took my place. It was not friendly at first…

You’re both correct! Good for you two!

#5! What is the name of Treasure’s evil twin?

S: *rolls eyes* Pleasure.

TW: Pleasure.

DIng! Correct!

6. What was Treasure’s first official blog post?

S: The first Treasuriffic Tuesday?

TW: The one you did with me. How to be Awesome.

Twilight is actually right about this one! Summer is still winning though…

Number 7, What did Treasure dress up as, Halloween 2019?

S: A Superhero!

TW: I am 99% sure it was Ariel.

Summer is right again!

What is Treasure’s favorite meal?

S: Oh, um, brunch?

TW: I think I’ll go with…brunch?

BOTH OF YOU ARE WRONG! YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO MY FRIENDSHIP. My actual favorite meal is dessert.

Ooh, this one is my favorite! Why is Treasure so awesome?

S: That’s just the way it is.

TW: Long ago, there was a star. It was a shooting star. There was once a little girl who wished on the star to become awesome. Well, it took a while to get to earth, and by the time it did, the little girl was long gone. The star looked for the most awesome cat, and it found Treasure, and multiplied her awesomness.

You know, I was going to say Summer’s answer was correct, but I really like yours Twilight. Summer’s wrong.

Finally, Who is Treasure’s favorite superhero?

S: Captain America? I really have no idea.

TW: I feel like it’s Iron Man, but I’m not sure.


Ok, so with the final question, I’m going to tally up the scores. Who will win? Treasure? Summer? I don’t know, it’s really close…

Summer wins! I always thought you knew me just a little bit better…

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